Cherry Blossom Forecast 2024

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2024

The first Cherry Blossom Forecast 2024 has been released! This year’s cherry blossoms are expected to arrive slightly earlier than usual.


Sakura Forecasts

In Japan, cherry blossoms are a beautiful sight that makes everyone in the country happy and excited. The display of vibrant pink and bright white Sakura cherry blossoms transforming the landscape signifies the arrival of spring.

Despite their fleeting nature, cherry blossoms hold a profound meaning in Japan. They symbolize renewal, the ephemeral nature of beauty, and the anticipation of an exciting new beginning.

If you want to visit Japan and see these beautiful flowers, keep in mind that the full bloom of the cherry blossoms varies from year to year and city to city.

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2024


In the northern city of Sapporo, winter holds a tight grip for longer, and the cherry blossoms respond by donning their finest blooms later. Current forecasts suggest that Sapporo’s sakura season will start at the beginning of May and be in full bloom by May 6, 2024.

Cherry Blossoms Near the River
Expected flowering date4/30
Expected full bloom date5/4

Updated 2/16/2024


Tokyo is one of the most sought-after destinations to see cherry blossoms, and typically experiences full bloom around the end of March or beginning of April.

For 2024, experts currently predict that Tokyo will start to bloom on March 24, and reach its floral peak on March 30 and into the first week of April.

Cherry Blossoms Ueno Park, Tokyo
Expected flowering date3/23
Expected full bloom date3/30

Updated 2/16/2024


Cherry blossoms in Nagoya typically bloom in early April, but the current forecasts for 2024 predict it to be a little earlier than usual. The flowers are expected to start blooming by March 21, and then be in full bloom by March 31.

Cherry Blossoms in Nagoya
Expected flowering date3/21
Expected full bloom date3/31

Updated 2/16/2024


In the cultural capital of Kyoto, Sakura adorn city parks, mountains, riverbanks, and historical landmarks with whimsical colors. The forecast for 2024 suggests full blossoming will be a little early this year, with the first buds opening on March 23 and full bloom on April 5.

Cherry Blossoms Kyoto
Expected flowering date3/24
Expected full bloom date4/1

Updated 2/16/2024


Nara, one of Japan’s ancient capitals, offers a unique stage for the 2024 Sakura season. Nara Park, home to free-roaming deer and historic temples, transforms into a myriad of vibrant hues as its cherry trees bloom. The first blooms for Nara are expected on March 25, and full bloom is predicted to be on April 2.

Cherry Blossoms Nara
Expected flowering date3/26
Expected full bloom date4/2

Updated 2/16/2024


Amidst historic castle grounds and energized city life, Osaka allows you to immerse yourself in both timeless tradition and modern vibrance. Predictions for 2024 are set for flowering to start on March 25 and full bloom to occur on April 1.

Cherry Blossoms Osaka Castle
Expected flowering date3/25
Expected full bloom date4/2

Updated 2/16/2024


Close by, in the port city of Kobe, Sakura is expected to start blooming on March 26. They’re expected to fully illuminate the scenic harbor and the lush Rokko Mountain range around April 3.

Cherry Blossoms Kobe
Expected flowering date3/26
Expected full bloom date4/4

Updated 2/16/2024


Okayama Korakuen, one of Japan’s three great gardens, is mesmerizing as cherry trees burst into bloom. The first blooms are expected to be a little early, showing up on March 25, with full bloom anticipated to be on April 1.

Cherry Blossoms Okayama
Expected flowering date3/26
Expected full bloom date4/2

Updated 2/16/2024


Hiroshima, a city renowned for its moving past, finds rebirth and rejuvenation in the radiant hues of the cherry blossoms. In 2024, the city of peace is expected to see its first blooms on March 22 and experience full bloom on April 1.

Cherry Blossoms Hiroshima
Expected flowering date3/24
Expected full bloom date4/2

Updated 2/16/2024

Sakura Forecast App

Remember, the Cherry Blossom Forecast 2024 is dependent on weather changes, and the blossoms themselves only last a week or two. Plan accordingly to ensure your timing aligns with Japan’s cherry blossom season.

If you’re serious about seeing the best blossoms, there is a Sakura Navi App that provides forecasts of flowering and full bloom dates of cherry blossoms all over Japan. You can also see our 2023 forecast for a year on year comparison.

The passing nature of Sakura is part of the allure, and their fleeting, fragile beauty serves as a humble reminder of the preciousness of each moment and the inevitable tide of change. As precious and timely as they are, these experiences always leave lasting impressions.

So come, let Japan’s 2024 Sakura season whisk you away on a journey through landscapes covered in pastel blossoms.

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