What is Super Nintendo World?

Super Nintendo World Japan is a new themed area at Universal Studios in Osaka. It’s a life-size replica of Nintendo’s most popular characters and games.

The area has restaurants, attractions, and interactive games based on Nintendo’s popular video games. It’s meant to make you feel as if you’ve entered the world of Mario.


How to Visit Super Nintendo World

Entrance into Super Nintendo World is limited. Once you get into Universal Studios Japan, you’ll need to get a numbered admission ticket. This ticket allows you to enter the Super Nintendo World area at your specified time.

These numbered admission tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, so act fast and get yours as soon as you enter. Once the limit of the numbered admission tickets is reached, you’ll only be able to get a lottery ticket. Then you’ll only be able to enter the area if you win the lottery drawing.

Kasagatake Takayama

Basil the Bat Lord | CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Express Pass Loophole

However, if you buy an Express Pass for an attraction inside Super Nintendo World, like Yoshi’s Adventure or Mario Kart, you’ll get an area admission ticket!
With your guaranteed admission ticket, you don’t have to rush to get a numbered ticket or be disappointed if you lose the lottery.

Kasagatake Takayama

When purchasing your Express Pass, you’ll need to choose a time that you’d like to enter Super Nintendo World, and an attraction experience time. Make sure you are careful not to overlap any reservation times.

How Long Should You Stay?

The Super Nintendo World area is not all that big. With waiting in lines, visiting attractions, souvenir shopping and weaving through the crowds, you can expect to spend three to four hours in the area.

The Power-Up Band

To fully enjoy Super Nintendo World, it’s recommended that you buy the Power-Up Band when you enter the area. You can join in on the interactive game world with this watch-like wristband.

The Power-Up Band costs ¥3,500, and it allows you to collect coins, stamps, and it lets you join in on the power-up key challenge. There are five key challenges, and if you can clear three of them, you can challenge Bowser Jr. to a final battle.

If you like theme parks, and you’re a fan of Nintendo’s Mario, you’ll love Super Nintendo World Japan. It’s as close as you’re going to get to entering the world of a video game.

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