Nagomi Visit: Experience a Homestay Dinner in Japan

Nagomi Visit: Experience a Homestay Dinner in Japan

Go beyond the ordinary with Nagomi Visit, a wonderful cultural exchange program that offers an authentic immersion into the daily life of Japanese families.


We believe travel is more than just a destination, it’s a cultural exchange. In our minds, Nagomi Visit is one of the best ways to learn about Japanese culture and build friendships that span continents.

Becki with Japanese Host Friends
This extraordinary program gives you a unique opportunity to go beyond typical sightseeing. It’s a cultural experience that gives you a more profound understanding of Japan.

What is a Nagomi Visit?

This not-for-profit organization’s mission is to bridge the gap between cultures by providing unique dining experiences for tourists in Japan. It all began when its founder, Megumi Kusunoki, noticed that just seeing famous landmarks didn’t truly express the authentic culture countries have to offer.

So in 2011 she launched Nagomi Visit. Her goal was to open up the doors of local Japanese homes to visitors from all over the world, providing an authentic cultural encounter over a shared meal.

Becki and Shawn with Friends
Through Nagomi Visit, you’re not only offered a chance to have a homemade Japanese meal, but you also get to meet a local family and catch a glimpse of Japanese life. This opportunity allows you to gain insight into Japanese customs and traditions, foster new friendships and create lasting memories.

What to Expect From a Nagomi Visit

Nagomi Visit is an immersive experience. You’re invited into a family’s home to share a Japanese dinner with your host. Every visit is unique, just like you and your new found friends.

Japan and More Tour Group Guests with Nagomi Visit Host Family
Some of our past tour participants have been able to enjoy a trip with their hosts to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients and help to cook the meal. Others have had the chance to put on a family heirloom Kimono and get pictures taken with the family.

No matter the activities, every one of our guests that has participated in a Nagomi Visit has enjoyed their experience immensely. They got a unique chance to share stories and laughter with their hosts, made new friends, and forged a bond with Japan that became a precious keepsake from their journey.

Nagomi Visit is a Two-Way Street

Experiencing Japan through a Nagomi Visit is the best way to learn about Japanese culture. They’re a cultural two-way street, offering you an authentic slice of Japanese life while also benefiting the host families.

On the one hand, you get to enjoy a Japanese home-cooked meal and catch a glimpse of everyday life in Japan. For your host, they get the opportunity to learn about your unique cultural perspectives, values, and traditions. These encounters often create a bond that lasts long after the visit, creating lasting friendships.

What Are You Waiting For?

These visits are all about meeting a local family, having great conversations, understanding a different culture, and experiencing everyday life in Japan. Imagine cooking alongside your host while they share their family recipes handed down through generations.

Nagomi Visit offers a taste of Japan that few travelers get to savor. As you return home, you’ll have more than memories of breathtaking sights, but meaningful personal relationships and subtle cultural insights.

So, take the less-traveled path, and indulge your discriminating tastes differently, adding an irreplaceable depth to your Japanese adventure.

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