Hiking The Nakasendo Trail

During the Edo period, the Nakasendo Trail was one of the five main routes that connected Kyoto to Edo, or modern-day Tokyo. It was essential to the movement, trade, and exchange of information between the two cities. Read more

What Do I Do with My Garbage in Japan?

As soon as you arrive in Japan, you’ll immediately notice clean streets and the absence of trash cans. As visitors to the country, we all need to know what to do with garbage in Japan. Read more

Japanese Language for Travel: Useful Words and Phrases

After each of our tours, we ask our guests if there was anything they wished they’d known before coming to Japan. More than half say they wished they’d known more Japanese language for travel. Read more

What Are the Top 5 Things To Know Before Coming To Japan?

Today’s question is, “What are the top five things to know before coming to Japan?” Read more

Kiyosumi Garden in Tokyo

Kiyosumi Garden is a walking garden that consists of fountains, artificial hills, and dry landscapes. Read more

Tokugawa Garden in Nagoya

Tokugawa Garden is located in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. It’s a Japanese garden that once belonged to the Owari Tokugawa Shogunate family. Read more

Is Japan Safe to Travel?

Is Japan safe to travel? Even with densely populated cities, Japan is consistently among the top safest international destinations for tourists. Read more

Tips for Visiting a Shrine in Japan

Today we are answering the question, “What are tips for visiting a shrine in Japan?” Read more

Can I Travel to Japan Now?

Updated: May 1, 2023 Japan is open to all travelers! On April 29, 2023, the Japanese government abolished all entry restrictions. The status of COVID-19 will be downgraded to that of the seasonal flu on May 8, 2023.

Hirayu Onsen in Takayama

Hirayu Onsen is believed to have been used since the late 16th century, during the Sengoku period. It was the first village in the area to be designated a national hot spring resort in 1964.
Read more