Sustainable Tourism in Japan with Japan and More Tours

Japan and More’s tours focus on community-friendly, sustainable tourism in Japan. We’ve carefully designed our tours to strike a delicate balance between supporting local economies and minimizing our footprint on the communities we visit.


Promoting Sustainable Tourism in Japan

Japan and More Tours create travel experiences that are both enriching for our guests and beneficial to the communities we visit.

Small Groups

We limit our groups to eight people to reduce the impact we have on the communities we visit. This allows our guests to have a more intimate and respectful interaction with the local environment and its people.

Takayama Sake Brewery

Takayama Sake Brewery

With just eight guests, you get an experience that can’t be matched by larger tours. You get to really dive into the local scene and make a genuine connection with the people and places you visit.

You’ll have the freedom to ask questions, engage in meaningful conversations, and fully absorb the essence of the destination. This exclusive, small-group format enhances your personal experience and also minimizes our impact on the local communities and ecosystems we visit.

Social Norms & Etiquette

We believe that understanding leads to appreciation. Knowing more, leads to liking more.

That’s why we take the time to teach our guests about Japanese customs, culture, and etiquette. This knowledge helps create a more meaningful and respectful travel experience.

Getting Interviewed by Japanese Students in Nara

Getting Interviewed by Japanese Students in Nara

Learning important social rules and etiquette guidelines helps you fit in during your travels. Japan is a country with many intricate details that can easily trip up unsuspecting visitors.

The goal of our tours is simple. We want to help you blend in as much as possible. This approach makes your trip more rewarding, and you’ll come away with a more profound understanding of Japan.

Social norms matter in Japan. Understanding them, and following them, is a great way to show respect. The locals will notice, and this can often open doors to unique experiences you might miss otherwise.

Takayama Festival Friends

Takayama Festival Friends

Remember, it’s not about being perfect. Just making an effort goes a long way. The Japanese appreciate it when visitors try to understand their culture.

Public Transportation

We use public transportation to reduce our environmental impact and give our guests a real local experience.

Public transportation in Japan is comfortable, efficient, punctual, and environment-friendly. Using it doesn’t just shrink your carbon footprint, it gives you a taste of everyday life in Japan.

Fun on Train from Kawaguchiko

Fun on Train from Kawaguchiko

We take care of the hard stuff, like getting train tickets, navigating the massive train stations, and finding our seats on the trains. Allowing our tour guests to be fully immersed in the richness of their surroundings.

Naturally, we’ll show you how to use buses and trains, as well as insight into the dos and don’ts of Japanese public transportation. Knowing, and following, Japan’s unwritten transportation rules is one of the best ways to be an invisible tourist.

Support for Local Businesses

We love supporting smaller, local businesses.

On a Japan and More tour, our guests enjoy eating at family-owned restaurants and visiting local artisans. This gives our guests the opportunity to experience the real Japan while making a positive impact.

Tea House Rest Stop on Nakasendo Trail

Tea House Rest Stop on Nakasendo Trail

We always make sure to support local businesses on our Japan tours. It’s a key part of how we operate. This approach helps you get a real taste of Japanese culture and traditions. Plus, it’s great for the local economy.

Eating at family-owned restaurants and buying from local artisans does more than boost the economy. It helps keep traditions alive and preserves each place’s unique character. Your memories will be more meaningful than any typical tourist experience.

Japanese Cooking with Friends

Japanese Cooking with Friends

With us, you’ll immerse yourself in the local culture, and get a chance to see the real Japan. You’ll be a responsible traveler, leaving a positive impact everywhere you go. To us, it’s the best way to experience Japan.

A Better Way to Travel

Knowing the culture, customs, and etiquette of Japan makes for a better experience for the communities we visit and for the guests on our tours.

Our small group Japan tours equip you with this invaluable knowledge. So, you’re not just another tourist – you’re a savvy traveler who supports sustainable travel in Japan by understanding and respecting the local way of life.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity! Our small group tours offer a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. We keep our groups small, so you get personalized attention and make real connections.

With limited spots available, these tours fill up quickly. Act now to secure your place and set out on your journey of a lifetime.