The Nagasaki Lantern Festival: A Cultural Display

Every year, Nagasaki, Japan hosts one of the most illuminating events in the country – The Nagasaki Lantern Festival. The festival is rooted in Chinese tradition and celebrates the Lunar New Year, symbolizing hope, prosperity, and the coming of spring. Read more

How to Use the New Japan Rail Pass

The new Japan Rail Pass is far better than the old, pre-COVID booklet that Japan Rail (JR) used to issue to tourists. It’s easier to store and carry, and it makes it much faster to reach your train. Read more

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2024

The first Cherry Blossom Forecast 2024 has been released! This year’s cherry blossoms are expected to arrive slightly earlier than usual. Read more

New Year in Japan: Worth a Visit?

Japan is a fascinating destination with a captivating culture, delectable cuisine, and awe-inspiring sights. But today’s article is about a very specific question, “Is spending the New Year in Japan worth it?” Let’s explore this together and find out what it’s like visiting Japan during New Year’s. Read more

Japan Rail Pass Price Increase

It’s official! The new Japan Rail Pass price increase is set to take place on October 1, 2023. The price will increase by as much as 70 percent. Any passes, or rail pass vouchers, purchased from that point on will be subject to the new pricing. Read more

What is Super Nintendo World?

Super Nintendo World Japan is a new themed area at Universal Studios in Osaka. It’s a life-size replica of Nintendo’s most popular characters and games. Read more

Golden Week in Japan

Golden Week in Japan is a week-long holiday that lasts from the end of April to the beginning of May each year. The holiday week is actually a combination of four different holidays, strung together during the same week. Read more

The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House

Set in Gion, Kyoto’s geisha quarters, The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House, depicts the daily life of geisha and maiko. This heartfelt drama by Hirokazu Koreeda is the best, most realistic depiction of the secret world of geisha I’ve ever seen. Read more

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2023

The first Cherry Blossom Forecast 2023 has been released! This year’s cherry blossoms are expected to bloom on time, or just slightly earlier than average in most places. They’re expected to be in full bloom at Ueno Park on March 30, 2023. Read more

Ghibli Park Grand Warehouse

The Ghibli Park Grand Warehouse is located in Nagoya, Japan. It’s an attraction built in Ghibli’s newest theme park. However, there are no roller coasters or any other kinds of rides in this park. Instead, it’s a park filled with life-size representations of the animated movies from the world of Studio Ghibli. Read more