Should I Visit Japan in May or October?

May and October are some of the best months to travel to Japan. They have about the same amount of crowds and the same probability of rain. In both May and October, the chance of rain is about 30-35 percent, and 50 percent of the days are sunny. In order to decide whether you should visit Japan in May or October, we need to dig a little bit deeper.

The Crowds

First, let’s talk about the crowds. If crowds are an issue for you, definitely do not go during Golden Week, which is from April 29th until May 5th. This is one of the busiest times of the year for Japanese domestic tourism. After Golden Week, however, the crowds tend to dwindle down and it’s not as crowded anymore.

October is actually slightly less crowded than May. Even on May’s least crowded day, October is still slightly less crowded.

The Weather

Both months are very comfortable. May is slightly warmer than October. In Tokyo, the temperature ranges from a low of 57 to a high of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Osaka is always a bit warmer. It ranges from a low of 61 to a high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

October has a little bit less humidity than May. In Tokyo, the temperature is around 59 to 68 degrees, and in Osaka it’s between 59 and 73 degrees.

There are also typhoons in October. Typhoon season runs until the end of October. If a typhoon should hit when you’re visiting, it’s not terrible. It’s basically just a really bad rainstorm. You can still go to museums and shopping, but you won’t want to spend too much time outdoors.

May is a really beautiful flower season. If you go in May, you’ll be able to see beautiful tulips, pink moss, and wisteria. The wisteria is very beautiful!

In October, you can see the fall colors at higher elevations, such as Nikko, Koyasan, and Lake Kawaguchi.

Special Events

In May, there is the Grand National Sumo Tournament. If that’s something on your list, then you definitely want to go in May.

In October, you can go to the Takayama Festival, which is from October 9th to 10th.

Our Recommendations

Becki prefers May because she likes the warmer weather and seeing the beautiful flowers, especially the wisteria.

Shawn prefers the fall because it’s not as humid, and he likes the turning leaves.

So, there you have it. Both months are beautiful. It really just depends on what preferences you have. Thank you for watching.


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