Best Monthly Japanese Snack Box

The Bokksu Japanese snack box brings you delicious specialty treats directly to your doorstep with their monthly themed box sets.

Bokksu Japanese Snack Box

My friend recently turned me on to a website called Bokksu, which is how the Japanese would say the word box. They sell a wide variety of premium Japanese snacks and teas. They get their products straight from the source, which gives you direct access to delicious snacks that can only be found in Japan.

Bokksu Japanese snack box 4

This means you can now get omiyage snacks from all corners of the country delivered right to your front door. You have a couple of ways to enjoy Bokksu.

You can either order a monthly box set that is filled with a particular theme in mind, from festivals to seasons to prefectures. Every month is a new adventure!

Or if you’re not interested in a subscription, you can visit their a la carte market and pick and choose what you like. Either way you go, you can’t lose.

Bokksu Japanese snack box 3

If you’ve ever gone to Japan, with us or on your own, then you know that small towns in Japan all have their own specialty foods, or meibutsu. These tasty treats always make great souvenirs, and if you work in Japan you always want to bring some back to your office to share with coworkers.

This tradition of bringing back small snacks, called omiyage, from the places you visit in Japan is an important tradition. So important that nearly every town has its own meibutsu or two.

Bokksu Japanese snack box 2

The best part of ordering a Bokksu subscription is that every month’s order helps keep this Japanese tradition alive and also supports small, family-run businesses. Bokksu’s mission is to help traditional Japanese snack makers by sharing their authentic food and stories with the world.

Members also get a discount from the a la carte market, exclusive in-box content, and member-only sales.

Click here to learn more and order your first Japanese snack box!

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