12 Things That Are Considered Rude in Japan

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Highlights of Our Unforgettable 2023 Japan Autumn Tours

We’re excited to share the highlights of our unforgettable 2023 Japan autumn tours. We had a great time with our guests, exploring Japan’s rich cultural heritage. The weather was perfect, and the fall foliage was beautiful. Take a look at these snapshots capturing the essence of our small group tours. Read more

Nagomi Visit: Experience a Homestay Dinner in Japan

Go beyond the ordinary with Nagomi Visit, a wonderful cultural exchange program that offers an authentic immersion into the daily life of Japanese families. Read more

Cherry Blossoms Japan Tour: 10-days in March 2023

We had a wonderful time on our 10-day Best Cherry Blossoms Japan Tour starting March 29, 2023. This was our second tour of 2023, and we had a wonderful time with our guests. Read more

Early Cherry Blossom Japan Tour: 12-days in March 2023

We had a wonderful time on our 12-day Early Cherry Blossom Japan Tour starting March 15, 2023. This was our first tour of 2023, and it was fabulous! Read more

What Do I Do with My Garbage in Japan?

As soon as you arrive in Japan, you’ll immediately notice clean streets and the absence of trash cans. As visitors to the country, we all need to know what to do with garbage in Japan. Read more

What Are the Top 5 Things To Know Before Coming To Japan?

Today’s question is, “What are the top five things to know before coming to Japan?” Read more

A Guide for Bringing Medication to Japan

Bringing medication to Japan can be dangerous, as even some common prescription and over-the-counter drugs are illegal. Read more

White Day in Japan

White Day in Japan falls on March 14th and it’s a day when men receive sweets. Candy, cookies, marshmallows, macarons, and white chocolate are common sweets given on White Day.
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Wise Debit Card for Travel

The Wise Debit Card is linked to a multi-currency account that allows you to convert to over 40 currencies at the current exchange rate.
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