The Best Tokyo Airport Hotels: Closest, Most Convenient

Staying at Tokyo airport hotels is strongly recommended if your flight arrives late at night, departs early in the morning, or you intend to arrive a day early for your Japan and More small group tour.


Why Stay at Tokyo Airport Hotels?

Early Tour Arrivals

If you want to arrive a day early for your Japan and More tour, the best thing to do is to stay at an airport hotel. After a long flight, it’s easy to get to your hotel for some much-needed sleep, and we’ll meet you at the airport the following day to take you into the city.

Tokyo Airport Hotels

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Late Arrivals

Arriving late in the evening and then trying to get into the city can be more challenging than you think.

Tokyo Airport Hotels

The airports aren’t located in the city center, and navigating the train system with little, to no sleep is stressful. Not to mention that airport limousine buses, and some trains, stop service relatively early.

Instead, we recommend that you check into one of the nearby airport hotels, and get a good night’s rest. The flight from the United States to Japan is long, and once you arrive in Japan, you’ll want a cozy, comfortable bed to ward off the inevitable jet lag.

Early Departures

Similarly, if you have an early flight, the last thing you want is to have to worry about getting to your flight on time. By staying close to the airport, you can get those cherished extra minutes of rest, and start your journey feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Tokyo Airport Hotels

Ease of Transportation

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your Tokyo airport hotel is the ease of transfer. All the hotels we recommend below either operate regular shuttle buses or are connected to the airport, which means you don’t need to worry about arranging transportation.

Best Tokyo Airport Hotels

The following hotel selections are a result of our firsthand experiences. Each one has been personally vetted by us, as we’ve spent nights in their rooms, tested their amenities, and absorbed the ambiance.

Narita Airport

If you’re flying in or out of Narita airport, you’ll find the Hotel Nikko Narita, the Crowne Plaza – ANA Narita, and the Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport to be excellent choices that offer complementary shuttle buses.

Hotel Nikko Narita

The Hotel Nikko Narita, is a Japan Airlines affiliated hotel near Narita Airport. It’s well-known for its charming blend of Japanese style and modern conveniences.

They offer amenities such as restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool, a convenience store, a coin laundry room, and even a hair salon. You’ll find a wide variety of room styles at a good price range for top-notch comfort.

Reviews from previous guests attest to the clean and comfortable rooms and the helpful, friendly hotel staff. With its easy access and proximity to Narita Airport, this hotel scores very high.

Crowne Plaza – ANA Narita

The Crowne Plaza – ANA Narita is a very nice hotel near Narita airport. It’s a captivating blend of contemporary convenience and traditional elegance. Prices for rooms can vary depending on what services you need, but they’re always a good value for the level of comfort they offer.

Some key amenities include a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool, several dining options, and a spa. The reviews from previous guests emphasize the hotel’s excellent customer service and the comfort and cleanliness of the rooms.

Hilton Tokyo Narita

The Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport hotel combines comfort with strategic location. Offering a collection of spacious rooms at comparable prices, this hotel provides an excellent overnight stop for travelers. It’s also packed with amenities, including a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool, a convenience store, and a few restaurants.

Favorable reviews from guests highlight the relaxed ambience, first-rate facilities, and the reliable shuttle bus service provided to the airport.

Haneda Airport

If you’re flying in or out of Haneda airport, you’ll find some great accommodations that are conveniently attached to the airport. These hotels fuse Japanese aesthetics with modern features, promising you a comfortable stay.

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu is a noteworthy option. It offers guests an exceptional stay with splendid interiors, great service and comfortable rooms. The room rate is slightly higher than other hotels at Haneda airport, and it’s located in Terminal 2 rather than the International Terminal.

Previous guests often praise the hotel’s proximity to the airport, excellent food options, and the impressive views of the airport runway, which makes this hotel quite popular.

Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Haneda

The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Haneda is another gem at Haneda airport. It flaunts an inviting modern design, provides very comfortable rooms, and is packed with amenities to ensure your comfort.

The reviews praise the English-speaking staff, the clean rooms, and the hotel’s location within the airport’s International Terminal, making it incredibly convenient.

Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand

Lastly, we have the Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand at Haneda airport. This hotel, attached to the arrivals at Terminal 3, is the most convenient of the three.

The property provides comfortable rooms and has a large on-site onsen bath. It’s also part of the newly built Haneda Airport Garden with several shops, convenience stores and restaurants.

The hotel’s guest reviews are overall favorable, praising the staff’s service, clean rooms, and easy accessibility to the airport. Note that the breakfast buffet located on the first floor is not of the same standard as the rest of the hotel.

Key Takeaways

The hotels near Narita and Haneda airports strive to offer guests a blend of convenience and a stress-free stay. Choosing to stay at any of these Tokyo airport hotels means choosing comfort, ease of access, and beginning your Japan visit with a rested mind and body.

Whether you are in Tokyo on business, or on a Japan adventure, these hotels will help you feel less stressed if your flight arrives late at night or leaves early the next day.

For recommendations of hotels in the city, see our Recommended Tokyo Hotels.

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