Cellular Service - Kyoto, Japan

WiFi Internet Access in Japan: A Work in Progress

Even though it's one of the world's most developed countries,…
Amerikamura, Osaka - Copyright JNTO

What to Wear in Japan

Deciding what to wear in Japan on your holiday can be a bit stressful.…
Packing Light for Japan

Tips for Packing Light

When packing for your trip to Japan, it is very important to…
Bowing in Japan

Bowing in Japan

Bowing in Japan is quite well-known, and having a good understanding…
Measures against Infectious DiseasesPrime Minister's Office of Japan

COVID-19 Update #5

Japan Coughing Manners
JAL COVID-19 Cover©JAPANandmore.com

JAL Covid-19 Cover for Japan Airlines Passengers

Japan Airlines (JAL) is offering a COVID-19 coverage plan for…

COVID-19 Update #3

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

COVID-19 Update #2

Takoyaki Being Cooked in Osaka

7 Foods You Must Try While in Japan

This is a short list of favorite foods based on more than two…
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COVID-19 Update

Selfie at Himeji Castle©JAPAN and more

Cell Phone Etiquette in Japan

Japan has many unwritten social rules, but I believe the most…
Japan Rail Pass 2016

JR Pass Tips

If you're traveling to Japan and you plan on seeing more than…