Takayama Festival

Takayama Festival Autumn 2017

Takayama holds one of the most beautiful festivals in Japan. Three hundred year old floats elegantly decorated with intricate carvings, dolls, curtains, and lacquerware parade the streets.

The festival takes place twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. The Spring Festival or Sanno Matsuri is held every year on April 14 and 15. The Autumn Festival or Hachiman Matsuri is on October 9 and 10.

The Autumn Festival this year starts at 9:00 am on the morning of October 9. The floats are on display for most of the day, so it is a good opportunity to see all 11 gorgeous floats up close. During the day, there are marionette performances and parades of people dressed in traditional costumes transporting a mikoshi (portable shrine).

The main event takes place on the evening of October 9. From 6:00 pm-9:00 pm, the floats take to the streets with over 100 lanterns in a beautiful display of lights.

The festivities continue on October 10, but the parade of floats is only on October 9.

Takayama city is accessible by JR Takayama Station. From Nagoya, it takes a little over two hours.

Takayama Festival Details

Date: October 9-10, 2017

Schedule of Events – October 9:

  • 9:00 am-4:00 pm – Floats on display
  • 12:00 pm-12:20 pm – Marionette performance
  • 1:00 pm-3:00 pm – Parade of people in traditional costumes carrying a portable shrine
  • 1:30 pm-4:00 pm – Parade of 4 floats
  • 2:00 pm-2:20 pm – Marionette performance
  • 6:00 pm-9:00 pm – Evening parade of all 11 floats adorned with lanterns

Schedule of Events – October 10:

  • 8:30 am-11:00 am – Parade of people in traditional costumes carrying a portable shrine
  • 9:00 am-4:00 pm – Floats on display
  • 11:00 am-11:20 am – Marionette performance
  • 1:00 pm-1:20 pm – Marionette performance
  • 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm – Parade of people in traditional costumes carrying a portable shrine

Website: Hida Takayama (In English)

Transportation: Train to Takayama Station. Walk about 20 minutes.

Autumn Festival Video


Photo credit: ©JNTO

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