Highlights of Our Unforgettable 2023 Japan Autumn Tours

We’re excited to share the highlights of our unforgettable 2023 Japan autumn tours. We had a great time with our guests, exploring Japan’s rich cultural heritage. The weather was perfect, and the fall foliage was beautiful. Take a look at these snapshots capturing the essence of our small group tours. Read more

What Is the Etiquette for Taking Shoes Off in Japan?

Taking shoes off in Japan may not seem like an important topic…, until you’ve approached your first genkan at a ryokan, temple or restaurant. Read more

The Best Tokyo Airport Hotels: Closest, Most Convenient

Staying at Tokyo airport hotels is strongly recommended if your flight arrives late at night, departs early in the morning, or you intend to arrive a day early for your Japan and More small group tour. Read more

Nagomi Visit: Experience a Homestay Dinner in Japan

Go beyond the ordinary with Nagomi Visit, a wonderful cultural exchange program that offers an authentic immersion into the daily life of Japanese families. Read more

Driving in Japan: Must-Know Information

Driving in Japan may seem like no big deal, but without appropriate preparation and understanding of the rules and road system, it can be a challenging, even dangerous experience. Read more

New Year in Japan: Worth a Visit?

Japan is a fascinating destination with a captivating culture, delectable cuisine, and awe-inspiring sights. But today’s article is about a very specific question, “Is spending the New Year in Japan worth it?” Let’s explore this together and find out what it’s like visiting Japan during New Year’s. Read more

Inside the Maglev and Railway Park

The Central Japan Railway Company’s Maglev and Railway Park in Minato City, Nagoya, is a train museum that has a blend of technological innovation and nostalgic preservation. Read more

Exploring the Living Art of Goshuin in Japan

Japan is more than just its vibrant metropolises and beautiful landscapes. It’s a country steeped in customs that have been practiced for centuries. A great example of this cultural richness is the tradition of collecting goshuin, an ancient custom that offers a unique connection to Japan. Read more

Cherry Blossoms Japan Tour: 10-days in March 2023

We had a wonderful time on our 10-day Best Cherry Blossoms Japan Tour starting March 29, 2023. This was our second tour of 2023, and we had a wonderful time with our guests. Read more

Early Cherry Blossom Japan Tour: 12-days in March 2023

We had a wonderful time on our 12-day Early Cherry Blossom Japan Tour starting March 15, 2023. This was our first tour of 2023, and it was fabulous! Read more